3D Pop Up Card vs. Regular Greeting Card

3D pop up card vs. regular greeting card

At the current time, we don’t need more information about what greeting cards are used for. It is obvious that greeting cards cater to different needs and it can engage different levels of emotions. While the greeting cards industry has been around for centuries, there are different types of cards. Each has different approaches in the form of art. The latest and most exciting form is 3D pop-up cards. It’s a paper model popping out when you open the card. It is indeed a new experience in our well-established greeting cards culture. This leads to an interesting point of debate that why do people choose 3D pop-up cards over regular greeting cards?

To be frank, producing pop-up cards is required more detail. The cards are crafted by hand so their looks are authentic. The art papers are carefully selected with a variety of patterns and colours to suit each design. The quality of paper doesn’t only create a better look but it also makes the parts of the pop-ups opened and closed more smoothly. The paper patterns are well utilised so that each design is unique. With all these details, it takes a good amount of time and effort to make a 3D pop-up card. However, it is worth all the effort and time to bring the pop-up cards to life. This could help to grow our greeting cards industry to the next level.

In the design stage, designers attempt to bring real-life architects, sculptures and objects to a form of pop-up, which leverages our ancient Kirigami art. The paper models are carefully examined in 3 dimensions. The help of laser-cutting technology transforms greeting cards to more lively form. All parts of the pop-up card are broken down into paper pieces which requires high attention to each little piece to build up these paper models. One mistake in 3D measurement at the design stage could cause a misalignment in the assembling stage.

Next time when you look for a card to send to your loved one, take a closer look at the greeting cards you find and give it a go to check the pop-up cards. Once you encounter them, you would have a question of how all their paper pieces can be put together to form the pop-up parts. This question you wouldn’t have with regular greeting cards.

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