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A handcrafted sunflower pop up card for a special woman of your life

Sunflower Pop Up Card

Light up someone’s life with the natural beauty of the sunflower, and watch as the smile spreads across their face as the sunflower pops out of this flower pop up card.
Sydney Opera House Pop-up Card

Sydney Opera House Pop Up Card

Did you know that: 1. The original cost estimated to build the Sydney Opera House was $7 million. The final cost was $102 million. 2. 233 designs were submitted for the Opera House international design...
A perfect blossom tree inside a pop up card, express your love with this beautifully handcrafted greeting card and show her that you care.

Blossom Tree Pop Up Card

Bring some colour into someone’s life. The finely-cut edges of this pop up card may sharpen a loving picture you have for someone. Get it now and send it to that person to show that...
A balloon pop up card to celebrate your friend's birthday, and add all the exitement to this special occasion.

Balloon Bouquet Pop Up Card

It’s time to cheer with friends on their special day. This balloons pop up card adds more joy and celebrates the birthday or the great achievement of your lovely friend and you both will surely...
For a friend who loves historic architectures, a church wrapped nicely inside a pop up card makes it a special gift for your loved one.

Church of Saint Sava Pop Up Card

Behold the architectural beauty of the iconic Church of Saint Sava in Serbia. The whole building is modeled right inside the pop up card. A card for a church-goer, or anyone who simply loves architecture....
The world of wonder right in your hands with this amazing cruise ship inside a pop up card, you can give it as a surprise to your friends.

Cruise Ship Pop Up Card

Wrap the whole cruise ship in a pop up card, give it to someone for a stunning surprise. Imagine his or her adventure and make it come true! It’s not only a card, it’s a...
Who love dogs? You would find many in the circle of your friends. Send this dog house pop up card with lots of love to your friends.

Dog House Pop Up Card

$13.00 $10.50
Share the boundless love and joy that only a dog can give you with a little help from this pop up greeting card. Send this card to someone who loves dogs. Made from non-toxic and...
The iconic symbol of France is now in your hands with this Eiffel tower 3D pop up card

Eiffel Tower Pop Up Card

Show your solidarity with the French people, and celebrate the wonder of the Eiffel Tower at night, all lit-up! This pop up card is for your adventure. It’s also our job at LovedUp to bring...
The farmhouse pop up card as a birthday or thank you card to your loved ones

Farmhouse Pop Up Card

Show some love for your dearest with a little help from this lively farmyard inside this pop up card. The greeting card that your mum will love and your friends will adore. Made from non-toxic...
Wish them a fortune on any journey they take with a Good Luck pop up card

Good Luck Pop Up Card

$13.00 $10.50
Spreading a little bit of luck and good fortune to someone you care about so they will have good luck as the lucky clover pops out of this card. Made from non-toxic and environmentally-friendly paper,...
Bringing smiles to someone's face with Lavender Flower pop up card

Lavender Flower Pop Up Card

When you want to show how LovedUp you are, the caring scent of Lavender in the air can whisper or spread your sweet thought to the person you love. Let LovedUp Lavender help you show...

Tea Lovers Pop Up Card

We have heard of T2. We can also enjoy a teaset for two. Now here we come with a Tea-for-two card… in the unique pop up style! This pop up card is made especially for...

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