Modelling your products in paper

LovedUp designs and produces 3d paper model for Oogii brand

We help businesses to promote their portfolio by creating their products in 3D paper models. If your business is in architecture, real estate, banking, travel, toys, games, commodities, etc. you may consider having a model to display on a shelf at your shop, showroom, or at a trade fair. It’s a model in quality paper that you can fold and hand to stakeholders or customers at your convenience.

If you are in marketing, and you are planning for an upcoming campaign, this model can be a promotional gift for your customers. It’s our honour to be trusted by Oogii brand (luxury heels and bags), in Australia. Oogii has also developed their business in Japan and Mongolia. We created their heel and bag in a paper model right inside a card. We printed their message and all their addresses on paper so that their customers know more about their brand. The Oogii logo and website are also on the back of the card. It’s simple, neat, and as elegant as the brand is.

Should you have any questions, let’s have a chat to see how we can help to promote your business further.

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