LovedUp Team

Kayla Pham
Kayla found LovedUp and started her entrepreneur journey. Since then the Universe has kept challenging her and she became a lifelong learner. She likes discovering all aspects of our life. She dislikes limitations. LovedUp has taught her to care for others, and to become a better version of herself. She feels grateful for this opportunity to serve people and to work with and help others.
Alex Fjerdingstad
Visual Media Creator
Alex helps with both product design and branding for LovedUp. She fell in love with the LovedUp pop-up cards and is delighted to be part of the journey helping the brand evolve. She’s inspired by Scandinavian design and geometrical patterns hoping to incorporate this further in her design-work. Other than working with LovedUp she has determined to develop further in marketing with some other projects. You can usually spot her with a cup of tea.
Bilge Can
Marketing & Branding Strategist
Bilge is responsible for marketing and branding strategy, where she connects magic designs with magical people to spread the joy of LovedUp pop-up cards. Other than working as a marketer, she is a full-time belly rubber for her dog. She enjoys her moments the most when surfing, reading, being outdoors and dancing. She is also that crazy vegan friend of yours, so make sure not to ask for milk in her coffee.
Giang Nguyen
Product Design & Production
Giang is very passionate in the field of 3D model design. He loves creating products in paper. At LovedUp, he has been very dedicated in designing, hand-cutting and testing the cards. Once he gets into the zone, you have no way to bother him. He’s a ‘so-called’ perfectionist so he can point out the millimetre misalignment if it has occurred. He is a humble and honest man. When he says ‘yes’, you can have peace of mind.
Poulomi Guha
SEO/SEM Strategist
Poulomi is responsible for SEO strategies and manages social media to spread the magic of LovedUp amongst people who love and care for others. She is a passionate digital marketer and really enjoys painting, dancing and listening to music. She wishes she could eat without weight-gaining concern. She loves the mantra of Netflix. She dreams of owning a land, which she grows chocolate, and can eat them every day.

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