LovedUp Production Line

As LovedUp commits to supply high quality cards to the markets and ensure our most demanding customers are highly satisfied with our products, our whole production line is carefully examined.

We import paper from reliable sources in Europe, who are certified to fulfil the FSC standards (  Our paper meets Security Features, which also comply to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

At the designing stage, we always create several prototypes to test new designs until we are happy with the finished product. All the photos are taken of the actual cards to ensure their authentic look, and to make sure our customers get exactly the card they ordered.

Our paper is cut by laser cutting machines, then the cards are assembled by hand. Therefore, every detail of our cards is evaluated by humans, which gives a high level of quality.

We also have a QA Team involved to double check all finished products before packaging. This team is in charge of testing the popups, the covers, and checking the colours. The physical movement of each card is also examined to ensure it opens and closes smoothly.

Here is a video of a laser cutting machine working on LovedUp paper:

From LovedUp Team

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