My Destiny With Entrepreneurship

lovedup entrepreneurship

I used to be a website developer. I used to be in charge of the website development projects for my customers’ businesses. After 10 years of working in IT, I decided to move to live in Australia. Now I have built up my own business based on all my experience that I have, as well as my awareness of and my appreciation for this life.

In 2005, after working in IT for about 2 years, I was thrilled that the available technologies could help in different areas of running a business. Thus, I decided to study in business so that I could leverage my knowledge in both areas and, possibly, end up building a business for myself.

While I was working in IT, I started studying for my second bachelor in business (my first one was in IT). Then I realised that it was actually not what I was looking for. My second bachelor was in Foreign Trade, during which I learned a lot about import and export trading.

I continued to work in IT. Then I decided to become an IT business analyst which I thought could be the one I was looking for. Although I enjoyed working on analysis, I felt it was not exactly what I was looking for.

In 2014 I moved to live in Australia. I studied in Masters of IT in Sydney. The only two subjects that I really liked studying during the course were Big Data and Business Intelligence. My final project to complete this degree was Business Intelligence in which I did research for a supply chain company in America.

Today I’ve built up LovedUp based on my background in both IT and Business, exactly what I wished many years ago. It’s just another stage in the journey of my life. And I feel truly grateful for what I’m doing today.


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