A Decision to Thrive!

LovedUp Pop Up Cards

I started my entrepreneur journey with a passion to build up an effective business model which I could also use to help people in life. My mission is to run a business so that I could find the ways to help people back in my home country. LovedUp was born with that thought in mind.

All LovedUp Kirigami cards are handcrafted in Vietnam with the support from a laser cutting machine. It cuts the paper into pieces, then all are assembled by craftspeople and tested by humans to make sure the quality is in every single card.

Back to my background which is in IT. I completed further education in this area, and in the process I became aware of the massive changes in technology. At first, I was so excited with all the new technologies but then I was aware of how it has negatively affected our lives. It has changed our habits on a daily basis. We rely on devices so much that we unconsciously weaken our connections with our fellow human beings.

That’s why I wanted to leverage LovedUp cards to harness and strengthen our personal connections. People might communicate by emails frequently, use Facebook Messenger, and other online mediums but there is nothing quite like the experience of receiving a greeting card in the mail. There is still a certain prestige which comes when you open a greeting card that was picked out especially for you. Emails and IMs just don’t bring the same feeling.

Therefore, by building LovedUp I would achieve 2 goals which is completely based on my background as a Vietnamese person, and my awareness of the changes in technology so that I could help people to still keep strong personal connections, the ones that are real and authentic between us as humans.


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