Custom Design Projects

A Pop Up Exhibit Booth Card

S  Stryker is one of the world's leading medical technology companies. They were participating in an upcoming exhibition, and contacted us to create a pop-up exhibit booth based on a photo and a short design brief. The timeframe was a bit tight, so our design team mobilised immediately to begin to turn their design into reality! From a functional aspect, the design had some tricky elements that our lead designer needed several iterations to finally solve. The final result was called “phenomenal” by our contact at Stryker… and well… we humbly agree!


Traditional Boots in 3D Paper Model

MAnother challenging project we took on board that presents the Mongolian culture. As usual, the brief started with only a photo and we transformed it into a 3D paper model, inside the pop-up card. In reality, the boots are primarily made of leather, with "curled-up" toe, these boots are often made with a detachable piece - just in case the rider's foot gets caught in the stirrup.

We didn't know about the culture and its history, but we've worked and we learned! We here at LovedUp were so delighted to hang over this colourful pop-up card to our Mongolian client, which captures the style, form and perfectly presents their wonderful culture to the world!

Corporate Invitation Booklet

POur LovedUp Design Team took a new challenge from our repeated client - Procurement Australasia. PA contacted us with a brief and the idea they wanted to make for their "Wind Farm Event"!

A clever "pull-thru" type of invitation card for their corporate event that we enjoyed working on. Upon opening this smartphone-sized card, you'll see the basic event information. Then as you pull the special insert on the right, the 3D card scrolls and flips thru to display another 4 pages of more specific information with well-crafted information as well as a clear explanatory graphic. The final page shows a map and handy transportation info! A very smart and useful card that perfectly matched our client's brief!

Procurement Australasia:

Tony T. - Marketing Team
“Kayla and the LovedUp team are fantastic! I pitched an idea about a pull-through flip book and although her team had never created such a design, within hours, they had produced a tangible mock-up to present. Kayla ensured the project ran smoothly and executed well within our tight timeline. Her patience and expertise are second to none and we look forward to working with Kayla and her team in the future.”

Corporate Branded Pop Up Cards

KWhen the Australian marketing manager of the global digital technology platform Khoros called us, we were thrilled to help them. They needed a dynamic and stylish card for their upcoming "Customer 360 Symposium" competition. The event took place in Hunter Valley, a beautiful region of NSW. The prizes were three $500 Red Balloon Vouchers from Khoros!

The bold and colourful 3D Kirigami card opens up to display Khoros's 5 key company objectives in a way that is very easy to understand. Mission accomplished... now we're ready to help them with the next challenges!


Family Event with Pop Up Cards

N We here at LovedUp were so thrilled to work on this unique project! Our clients were busy planning a fantastic first birthday celebration for the Noah's family. When they contacted us, they already decided on the brilliant idea of a 3D pop-up “menu card” that would absolutely delight all the party goers! The theme of the party was RAINFOREST and they came up with an image of a stunning kirigami lorikeet sitting peacefully on a tree branch, full of tropical flowers. Our team really enjoyed giving our clients exactly what they wanted. The party was a great success and everyone were impressed by the rainforest "menu pop up card". We hope that Noah will one day enjoy looking at his 1st wonderful birthday card!

Annual Reports with Pop Up Cards

PWe are living in a time where people’s awareness of the need to utilise new forms of energy production is increasing daily. The LovedUp team fully embraced the opportunity to help Procurement Australasia with this project for their annual report. We designed this pop up card to capture their ability to make new renewable energy projects in Australia a reality. The simple but striking “Wind farm 3D pop-up card” perfectly captured our clients design intent. The entire process from design concept thru to delivery of the finished cards was completed seamlessly and in record time. We are very much looking forward to working with them again in the not-so-distant future.

Procurement Australasia:

Esther R. - Marketing Manager
"Working with Kayla and the team at LovedUp was just a dream! We came to them with a concept that we weren't sure was even going to work, and they were quick to support us through every single stage of the process. They ensured us that everything is possible. They were able to meet our short timelines and were accommodating at every request and enquiry we through at them. Honestly, such a wonderful experience for our organisation. Would highly recommend them and look forward to working on more projects in the future."

Promote Your Brand in 3D Paper Art

Oogii is an Australian luxury heels and bags brand based in Sydney. Their product range is simply stunning, so when we were asked to come up with a popup card to capture one of their flagship designs we were thrilled to help. After a thorough collaborative design process, the “Mermaid Big Bag with Mermaid Heels Popup Card” was born! Perfectly capturing the brilliant colours and the sophisticated curves and lines of both items, this card was very warmly received by Oogii’s owner. All of us here at LovedUp were also thrilled with the final result!


Influencer Marketing with Pop Up Cards

BWhen the innovative online dating company, Bumble, urgently needed to produce a custom-designed card for their upcoming event, we launched quickly into action to help. They were looking to create a viral and sharable campaign to target press and influencers around Halloween. Within days we had finalised the design for this smart and striking popup card that helps to both educate people about Bumble’s philosophy as well as to increase awareness about the common traps in online dating (such as “ghosting”) that the Bumble app helps to eliminate. The end result was not only a quality card that perfectly satisfied the design brief, but also a very happy and relieved client. They had the cards in their hands right on schedule!


Mongolian Culture in Kirigami Art

MMongolian Culture – 3 designs
1. Mongolian Morin Khuur:
The morin khuur (or “horse fiddle”) is the most well-known of all Mongolian traditional musical instruments. Consisting of a wooden-framed trapezoid box, wooden bridge, long neck with the strings, up to the wooden scroll at the top. We’re proud that our popup card version perfectly brings this unique instrument to life!
2. Mongolian Ger:
A traditional Mongolian ger (or “yurt”) is a cylindrical tent made up of a wooden lattice structure and covered with waterproof wool felt or animal skin. Our LovedUp card nicely captures the beauty and ornate details of this very functional dwelling, as well as the brilliant colours painted on the outside skin.
3. Reindeer of the Dukha people:
Our popup card of the Dukha girl on a reindeer has been very popular with our Mongolian customers. The card opens up to show such a beautiful scene which encapsulates the almost mystical relationship between the Dukha people and their local domestic animals, in particular the reindeer.

Prototype of Real Estate Projects In 3D Paper Models

CThe challenge: how does a residential real estate development company convey to their agents and potential customers the overall design intent of their latest project with speed and ingenuity?
The solution: by producing an eye-catching Kirigami-style popup card that captures the design to a decent level of detail.
When Community Homes came calling we at LovedUp rose to the challenge. The final popup card design shows the multi-residential development in all its glory, complete with intended tree locations! When the standard 2D plan drawings fail to excite, you can be sure that our popup card version will not!


David N. - Business Owner
"Kayla has been very supportive in helping me to create a challenging 4 units residential building model in a foldable 3D card. I recommend Kayla and her team for great customer service, integrity and a speedy delivery in this entire process. Thank you Kayla." (Review on Google)

The World Famous Icon in 3D Paper

SA very stunning and special custom-designed LovedUp card is our Sydney Opera House design. This design was directly approaching the management at the Opera House. See how perfectly it captures the amazing Opera House design – one of the wonders of the world! You can even see the famous New Years Eve fireworks! We hope that visitors to the Opera House will be able to see and purchase this unique popup card that they would be proud of to give as a souvenir gift from their trip to visit Sydney. Please enjoy the images and videos on our website!