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LovedUp Card For Newborn

Here we are! The fruitful achievement of love! Nine months goes by quickly for most people…but not to a new mum. It’s a journey and it’s an adventure that a couple wishes to experience in their lives. Whether it’s a boy or girl, it’s a well-deserved reward for a mission completed, before they embark on a new chapter of their life.

How much more meaningful our life is after a newborn arrives, full of love and good wishes? It’s a new life for the baby, and it’s a new stage of life for the couple who created this little one!

With all that love and caring, let’s celebrate a new life for the little one! Wish for a new start to bring good things to this life.
Wish for them and wish for us as humans who care about each other, who always want the world to be a better place to live!

And allow us, LovedUp, the privilege to add a bit more love into our gift giving culture with this pop up baby & stork card, so that we see a BIG smile on the new mums face, and later, this baby, seeing the baby & stork on the card, will know how wonderful it was on the special day of his/her arrival into this world.

~With Love from LovedUp

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